Shoulder Arthroscopy

The shoulder is the most mobile large joint in the human body and is often injured by athletes of all ages. Common injuries include rotator cuff tears, dislocation and labral tears. Most sports injuries requiring surgical intervention can be managed arthroscopically (minimally invasive).

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Direct Anterior Approach

The anterior approach is an approach to the front of the hip joint as opposed to a side or back approach.  Rehabilitation may be accelerated and hospital time decreased because the hip is replaced without detachment of muscle from the pelvis or femur.

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Total Joint Replacement (TJR)

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which certain parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with an artificial joint, which is designed to move just like a healthy joint.

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Midland-Odessa, TX Orthopaedics

James R. Ingram, DO treats a full range of orthopaedic problems from ACL tears, meniscus tears and rotator cuff tears, to shoulder dislocations, hip pain, knee pain and osteoarthritis.

Sports Medicine Treatment

Dr. Ingram’s number one goal is to restore you to your active lifestyle as soon as possible. Whether you are a golfer, avid bicyclist, runner, sports athlete or just enjoy the simple pleasures of life itself, together with his staff, Dr. Ingram provides complete and compassionate care as “Your Partners in the SPORT of Life.”

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